Top Destinations in Europe

Top Destinations in Europe

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About Europe

Bonjour, Buon Giorno, Bem vindo, Ciao, Hallo, Välkommen, Willkommen & Welcome … to the charming continent of Europe, cradle of Western culture. Come discover canals, picturesque villages, grand boulevards, wineries, ski lodges, castles and beaches. 600 million people from the Canary Islands to the Ural Mountains call this home. While 28 nations now make up the European Union (most of which use the Euro), plenty of other countries in Europe (including Switzerland) also enjoy a proud place in the European family.

Austria — a storybook land in the eastern Alps, crossed by the Danube River
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Belgium — a food-loving nation composed of Flanders, Wallonia, & the Brussels capital region
Bulgaria — land of rivers, Balkan mountains, folk traditions and Black Sea resorts
Croatia — land of low mountains, towns dating back to the Roman Empire and dreamy beaches along the Adriatic
Cyprus — resort island in the eastern Mediterranean with relaxing beaches
Czech Republic — Discover Prague (Praha), Brno and the magic of “Bohemian” cities
Denmark — coastal country with a wind power industry, Copenhagen and highly content people
England — fabled land of castles, rose gardens, poets & pubs
Estonia — a proud and historic country jutting into the Baltic Sea
Finland — land of forests, farms, saunas, long summer days and festive nights in Helsinki
France — this scenic country receives more tourists than any other on earth
Greece — legendary land of myths, amphitheaters, and beaches overlooking the Aegean sea
Germany — spirited and music-loving nation with beer gardens, spas, and scenic river valleys
Hungary — land of scenic towns along the Danube, Tisza and Raab rivers
Iceland — northern land of geysers, volcanic soil, outdoor soaking tubs and fishing ports

Italy:  a country of “dolce vita” rising up from Mediterranean seaside resorts to Renaissance hilltop towns. Italy: 42,500 properties found – including 10515 value deals! >>

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Ireland — enchanting emerald island of monks, castles, poets & pubs from Dublin to Killarney
Latvia — scenic nation on the Baltic Sea with capital city of Riga

Lithuania — from its scenic capital city of Vilnius, this Baltic nation welcomes the world warmly
Malta — two legendary islands with historic palaces, shimmering ports, and quiet beaches
Monaco — dreamy hillside principality along the Mediterranean, tucked between France and Italy
Netherlands — an outward looking country of tolerant people in a welcoming land of windmills, canals & tulips
Poland — spirited nation of Slavic tradition and religious devotion, now bridging eastern and western Europe
Norway — land of shipping, green forests, majestic fjords, long summer days and silent winter nights
Portugal — seafaring nation on the sunny Atlantic with vacation villas and golf courses
Romania — spirited nation in eastern Europe of Transylvanian mountains and Black Sea resort towns

Russia: Historic land of czars, writers, and ballet virtuosos in the largest expanse of Europe

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Scotland — land of mirror lakes, stone castles, thistle & clansmen, surrounding Edinburgh and Glasgow
Serbia — land of farms, green fields, and historic cities with a capital city of Belgrade
Slovakia — with its capital at Bratislava along the Danube, this proud new nation borders the Czech Republic
Slovenia — this nation of 2 million people tucked between Italy and Croatia, with capital of Ljubljana
Spain — discover its regions from Barcelona to the Costa del Sol to the orange groves of Andalusia
Sweden — land of pine forests, coastal villages, universities, and thoughtful people
Switzerland — storybook land of alpine meadows, crystal lakes, ski chalets and plum financial districts
Ukraine — land of golden wheat fields, historic cities, the Dnepr river & Black Sea resort